TortoiseSVN for Mac OS X: SCPlugin

I’ll admit I’m a recently reformed windows user, as I’ve really only been using a Mac for the part 8 months. One thing I really missed as a developer when switching to the Mac was a nice integrated SVN client like TortoiseSVN.

Thankfully, there is SCPlugin – a Finder plugin for Mac OS X which provides full SVN integration. It’s fantastic and allows you to do authenticated remote checkouts, updates, diffs, commits etc all from the comfort of the finder. When a folder is under SVN control, a little green tick appears in the left-hand corner of the folder.

To use the full range of SVN commands on the folder or file, simply right click the folder, choose “More” and you are presented with a range of SVN commands to choose from:

SVN in Finder

You can download SCPlugin from the project files listing here.

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