How-To: Fix ‘Verification Failed’ error (0xe8000001) iPhone Adhoc Distribution

I have had huge problems trying to provide my iPhone Applications to friends using the Adhoc Distribution method.  I thought I was following Apple’s instructions down to the letter:

  1. Obtain an Adhoc Distribution Provisioning Profile
  2. Install provisioning profile in XCode
  3. For my project, create a new build profile called “Adhoc Distribution” copied from the “Release” build setting
  4. Set the code signing properties to match the Adhoc Distribution Provisioning Certificate
  5. Build the app
  6. Provide the Adhoc Distribution Provisioning profile along with the app to my friends
  7. Drag and drop into iTunes
  8. Sync iPhone
  9. Done

However, it all failed at step 8.  I would always get the dreaded “Verification Failed” message when we sync’ed the App to the iPhone in iTunes.  I COULDN’T get this to work – until now.

I’ve discovered I was missing a step in my project’s “Adhoc” Build settings.  If you’ve done all the above, and are getting the error, try the following:

1. Edit your “Adhoc” build settings and set the Code Signing Entitlements to dlist.plist

2.  Now close your build settings and add a new file to your project.  When prompted, choose Code Signing and Entitlements:

3. Call the file dlist.plist

4. Click on the file and untick the get-task-allow option.

5. Save your project, do a Clean All Targets and then Build.

6. Provide your app to your friends and it should now work!

Few quick tips if it’s still not working:

  1. Make sure you build using “Device” as the setting instead of “Simulator”
  2. Make sure your app identifier is set in the info.plist file

7 Replies to “How-To: Fix ‘Verification Failed’ error (0xe8000001) iPhone Adhoc Distribution”

  1. This seems to have fixed the problem; thank you.
    I feel like I would have never come across this kind of solution on my own.
    How did you come to find this solution?

  2. Thank you for the post. Saved me a lot of work, the developer portal ad hoc setup instructions don’t mention these extra steps.

  3. I’m very thankfull to you !I
    I lost a working day for this bug.

    Now I solve an important commercial problem.
    Thanks !!!

  4. Thank you very much, why is there nothing like this on the good how to section at Apple?

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