New iPhone: Torch, Flash and Front/Rear cameras?

After the recent release to developers of iPhone SDK 4.0, the inevitable scramble to review the new APIs has been on in earnest.  One of the first things noticed were the following new AVCaptureDevice class properties:

  • AVCaptureDevice – isFlashMode Supported
  • AVCaptureDevice – isTorchMode Supported
  • AVCaptureDevice – position (Front or Rear)

These new properties relating to the iPhone SDK class AVCaptureDevice, a class used for audio and video capture and management, suggest that the new iPhone (to be announced at WWDC 2010??) may well include a “Flash”, a “Torch” and a front camera.

If this was to turn out to be true, then a front camera for the phone would make video calls possible, the ability to take photos while viewing the camera feed, and the flash would allow you to take photos in the dark!

All very cool new potential features.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this turns out to be the case!

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