How To: Install SVN on Mac

If you’ve open the terminal and run the “svn” command just to be told “-bash: svn: command not found” then do the following:

1) Install XCode
2) Open “Preferences” and click the “Accounts tab”
3) Add your Apple ID
4) Open the “Downloads” tab
5) Click the download link next to “Command Line Tools”
6) You  have SVN!

XCode Downloads

Facebook Connect Mobile: XML Schema Error on Mobile Devices

If you’re getting an XML error when you’re using Facebook Connect to post to a users stream using the function:


Then ensure the following:

  • You don’t have any double quotes in your attachment
  • You don’t have any ampersands in your return URL

For some reason the content is being placed in a hidden field on the page on “mobile” devices.  This isn’t escaping the contents of the post, and hence breaks if you have any of the above.

Highly frustrating!  Hope this helps someone.

Online Tool to Convert .ICS file to Excel/CSV

I couldn’t find a decent way online to convert ICS files into an Excel type format for easy manipulation, or adding to documents etc.  So I’ve built a simple one that is now available online:

This takes an iCal URL and provides you with a CSV file as a download.  Makes it much easier to get a list of dates from ICS files and use them for other purposes.

Also available is the CSV2SQL converter that I made last year, taking CSV files and coverting them into INSERT/UPDATE statements for use on a database.

How To: PHP OAuth Twitter

So, you’re building a web based twitter client in PHP.  Easy, just use a simple Twitter API client and call the Twitter API directly.  But what if you don’t want to store the user’s Twitter authentication information anywhere?  It’s a security risk anyway and some people don’t want to give up their account details to a 3rd party.  So what to do?  The solution is to use OAuth with Twitter. Continue reading “How To: PHP OAuth Twitter”

How-To: Create my.cnf file in MAMP

This is a simple process, however not something I could find documented anywhere easy to find. MAMP supplies you with a range of sample configuration files:


To setup one of these for MAMP, simply issue the following command:

sudo cp /Applications/MAMP/Library/share/mysql/my-choicehere.cnf /Applications/MAMP/Library/my.cnf