How-To: Convert PDF to KeyNote

We had a nice big set of pages in a PDF which we wanted to convert into a KeyNote presentation.  Thankfully, this process is really easy due to Melissa O’Neill’s PDF to Keynote application.  Simply load it up, give it the PDF, tell it where to save the KeyNote file – and you’re done!  Thanks Melissa for a great little utility!

How-To: Automatically sync your iTunes library with all your computers

I’ve come across a problem – my main computer (a MacBook Pro) has all my music on it, and is hooked up to my iPhone. But I’ve just got a nice big flat screen TV and its connected to my stereo. So I want to be able to play music/movies I buy on iTunes through my stereo and on my shiny new TV.

Unfortunately my laptop is used for work and isn’t always at home, so I can’t just share my library and play music etc over the air (this doesn’t work for movies anyway).  So I’ve come up with a solution that works really well, and is completely automated.

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OS X: Mail Tip – Speedy filing of emails from your inbox

In Mac Mail, I like to file all emails out of inbox when processed. But I have a huge folder tree to traverse to find where to move a messg to. I liked the right-click Move To menu, but its not fast enough.

My newly discovered solution:

1. Select message(s) to move
2. Click on the Help menu in menubar
3. In Search (which is selected already) just type some letters of the folder I want to move it to
4. Because of super-cool menu-search built into help, it it finds my folders matching, and down-arrow+enter does the move

Its fast. And faster if you use Help’s shortcut key (shift+command+?).

(Thanks to John C for this tip!)

How-To: Remotely monitor your server with monit

moint is a fantastic utility that can be installed on Linux or Mac OS X and provides the ability to monitor services running on your server.  These could be apache, mysql, bind or any other service you need to be up and running.  After installing monit, you create a config file containing information about the services you want to monitor.  Monit with then dutifully monitor the service, and email you if they go down.  You can even configure it to restart the service if it fails.

Running on top of monit is m/monit, which is a web based service which pools information from all your servers running monit and provides information in a easily accessable format on a web page.  You can use this as your monitoring station for your website for instance, as it also includes information such as load average, disk usage and uptime – in addition to the services you are monitoring.

Highly recommended.

How-To: Install Subversion (SVN) 1.5 on Mac OS X

We use to host all our subversion repositories.  They have recently upgraded to subversion 1.5.0 which is not compatible with 1.4.x clients.  Unfortunately the command line utility that is built into Mac OS X is only at version 1.4.4 on my MacBook Pro – so I needed a way to upgrade to version 1.5.

I’ve found two ways to do this:

Either of these methods allow you to access SVN 1.5.0 repositories.

Animated Gifs for Mac OSX: GIFfun

I wanted a tool to create animated logos for Mac OS X.  After a little looking around on Google and various message boards, I settled on GIFFun.  Its a simple tool that allows you to plonk a whole heap of images into its window, and turn them into an animated GIF.

You can control the delay between slides, background color and transition.  It’s not incredibly functional, but it does enough – and its free!

Cyberduck Version 3, Beta 1 Released

Cyberduck (the excellent SFTP/FTP client for Mac OSX) has just released the first beta of Version 3 of the most excellent SFTP/FTP client.  Version 3 adds support for:

Version 3 is looking like it will be particularly cool, especially the Quicklook and WebDav support.  Help out the testing process and grab your copy!